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SCAN1000 Software Updates and Downloads
Software Upgrades
Hexatec has been producing SCAN1000 software since 1987 and continue to offer customers support and updates. Go to the Support Page to Login and Download the latest software.


SCAN1000-Scada(v5) Updates

SCAN1000-Scada is subject to minor upgrades, which are identified by a ‘Build Number’ (available from the ‘Help’ menu). The latest release is available as a download and is offered free to customers with support contracts or warranty cover.

SCAN1000 (v4 and earlier)

We recommend that earlier versions of SCAN1000 (versions 2.0 to 4.3) are upgraded to version SCAN1000 v4.4 which is fully tested under Windows XP and Vista. Original configuration files are supported by the newer version. SCAN100 v4 includes a set of drivers which can also be accessed from OPC clients. Scan1000v4 Drivers lists the drivers included.

Anville SCAN4x5

SCAN425 users should update to SCAN1000 v4.4 before installing the new SCAN425 files. Upgrades may be purchased or are available free to customers with support contracts.

SCAN1000 v4 to SCAN1000-Scada(v5)

SCAN1000 v4 configurations cannot directly transfer to SCAN1000-Scada. SCAN1000-Scada offers many advantages and new features and will reward the effort to those willing to make the change. SCAN1000 Upgrade to v5 details the changes. Contact Hexatec to discuss your requirements.

SATURN Software:

SCAN1000-Scada is fully compatible with Saturn projects (SaturnWEB, SaturnHMI, SaturnDAQ, SaturnSQL) and can be used as a direct replacement. Upgrades may be purchased or are available free to customers with support contracts.