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SCADA Software with Advanced HMI and Secure Data Acquisistion

SCAN1000-Scada: a complete solution for your Supervisary Control and Data Acquisition needs
SCAN1000-Scada - Control Desk Software
SCAN1000-Scada: a fifth generation powerful SCADA software package, with the added benefit of highly secure data logging.

Scada display screen

Applications include:

  • Food & Drug Manufacture and Distribution (which is covered by CFR21 Part 11);
  • Environmental Data Management and Quality Assurance;
  • Monitoring of Cold Stores and Pressure Vessels; and
  • Independent Monitoring Systems (IMS).
  • Product Testing
  • Total Quality Management

SCAN1000 - Easily integrates with your existing systems and connects to a wide range of PLCs, Measurement Systems and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). SCAN1000 is used in a wide range of Industries.

You get more control with SCAN1000-Scada:

  • Provides easy-to-read computer-screen displays that help operators be more effective
  • Gives on-screen prompts and displays in different languages
  • Lets you view ‘live’ displays by remote access
  • Allows you to set alarms to reach your cell phone or email if there are any problems. Using remote access, you can see instantly what is happening without needing to go to the control room

Contact Hexatec or your local Distributor for more information.

Inside SCAN1000
SCAN1000-Scada is a fifth generation powerful SCADA software package, with the added benefit of highly secure data logging. First introduced in 1988 SCAN1000 as a data acquisition and trending package the product has grown with the IT revolution to meet the needs of industry

The latest software includes everything you would expect of mature advance SCADA software:

Please see Technical for more detailed information on SCAN1000.

SCAN1000 advanced features:

  • It has a secure database that controls Sensor Calibrations, Alarm Settings and User Accounts. As a result, it can be a ‘validated system’ for monitoring data
  • It replaces the need for independent chart recorders thanks to multiple Trend Historians
  • It lets you set up reports that make analysis easy. You’ll save time on providing information to customers or the government
  • Data can also be transferred into pre-set reports in Access, SQL or MSDE databases
  • Unlike some other systems, SCAN1000’s in-built web browser lets you see ‘live’ data by remote access. No additional software is needed, so secure remote access does not cost anything more
  • Advanced ‘alarm’ features mean that you will know of any changes or alarms. As soon as you receive an SMS or email alert, simply log into any PC. Using the web browser, you can ‘visit’ the control room from your desk or anywhere in the world
  • Integration with your present control systems is easy. SCAN1000 includes support for a wide range of standard communication drivers such as Modbus, OPC, DDE, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi.
  • SCAN1000 has a powerful display editor that allows you to quickly set up eye-catching Control Room displays. It is easy for operators to see important information at a glance, in their local language.