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Automated Data Collection and Web-based Information Server
SCAN1000-Data Collection System

SCAN1000-Data Screen Display

  • Collects: so it is simple to collect all your key-data into a single central system
  • Checks and Validates data as it arrives: automatically ensuring that you only receive accurate data.
  • Stores important ‘Meta-Data’: so all instruments and calibrations are traceable
  • Secure Data Storage: ensures your data is safe and cannot be modified
  • Displays data: an integrated secure web-server ensures that you can review data and print reports from any-where in the world.
Fast, Accurate Web-based Information System for:

  • Energy & Facility Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Energy Trading Systems
  • Production Cost Control
  • Quality Control
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Research
  • a wide range of Industries.

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Functional Overview

SCAN1000-Data Functional Overview

Data Collection

Automated Data Collection from existing instrumentation, meters and control systems ensures data is accurate and up-to-date at all times. Data from different systems and from many different sites are brought together into a single system.

No more waiting for information before making important decisions.

Data Accuracy and Validation

To be of value data must be meaningful, accurate and valid; any uncertainty in the data is identified quickly and isolated.

The measurement validation processing ensures that each data value is checked and validated as it is collected. Doubtful data is quarantined, so that you can be confident that the information you get is accurate.

Data Processing and Special Analysis

To get the most value from the system many applications require additional real-time data processing. Whether you need to know; the cost efficiency of the process boilers or the latest production statistics, these special functions can be calculated and included in the data store.

Secure Data Storage

The system is designed to meet modern IT security requirements and maybe run on a server in a secure data centre. This means that the system can be professionally supported and ensures that information is secure, but readily accessible to authorised staff. So you can be sure that your company’s business critical information is safe and secure.

Web-based Information

Information is made available to all authorised users as web-pages so that it is possible to keep track of business critical information from your desk-top PC or the PDA in your pocket.

Data Flow

Of course, the system will also deliver alerts by e-mail and SMS texts if something needs more urgent attention.

Example of a multi-source, multi-server system

EMS Data Flow