Data Automation Software to keep YOU in control

Over the years the information technology revolution has transformed our products to give engineers and managers fast, easier access to more information. SCAN1000 - Scada is our fifth generation of this successful software product, specifically designed to handle the communications, security and 24/7 reliability expected in industry.

Hexatec software products can be purchased ‘Boxed’ ready for you to develop your own applications or supplied fully configured by us to for a ‘Turn-Key Solution’.

SCAN1000 - Scada These systems visualise live control system status information to operations staff in a control centre or at an office PC.

  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisistion
  • HMI / MMI (Human / Man Machine Interface)
  • Alarm Notification and Management Data Collection Solutions

SCAN1000 - Data Automated Data Collection and Information Server:

These systems collect data from local and remote; meters, data loggers, and control systems and stores the information on a central secure database. Users can view data and reports at anytime from the systems secure web-server.

  • Facility Management
  • Operations & Production Data
  • Quality Control
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Research
Product Support:

SCADA Software

We appreciate that many of our products are in use for many years, so we are committed to offer support and upgrades for earlier versions of our products:

  • SCAN1000 v4 - continued support for earlier versions of SCAN1000.
  • SCAN425 - data acquisition software support for 'Anville Series 425' loggers (X415, X425 & X435 systems)
  • Saturn Products - cost effective upgrades to the latest SCAN1000v5

OEM / Distributors

SCAN1000 software is also offered to OEM’s and system distributors and may be re-branded to suit your market.

If you would like to take advantage of an established product with the backup of a development support team, please contact the Hexatec team.