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SCADA Integration

Integrating Systems from Different Suppliers

Interfacing with existing equipment is a very cost-effective method of growing a system
Integrating Systems from Different Suppliers
Like many businesses, you may have a mix of control systems acquired as separate packages, which you now need to expand.  This could be to add a new production area or link existing Production Information Systems.

Whether you have a DCS or a Weighing System; interfacing with existing equipment is a very cost-effective method of growing a system.

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Key Benefits

  • Update or expand systems without the cost of replacing or re-engineering existing control systems
  • Create a more open system making it easier to expand further
  • Better integration of information by linking control systems to: SQL databases, Web pages, SMS paging, Email, etc


There are many ways to exchange data between control systems; OPC, DDE, Serial Protocols, File shares, etc. Experience shows that a successful integration design will often require more than one method.

Ethernet Networks
Ethernet is the optimum method to link systems.  Good quality equipment and a wide range of communication protocol conversion tools are readily available.
Modbus - Open Standard
Modbus is a widely used standard for linking systems over networks and serial links.  We routinely use Modbus to link systems from different manufacturers.
OPC (OLE for Process Control)
OPC is the modern standard for linking systems over networks.  We routinely use OPC to link systems from different manufacturers.
DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
DDE was widely used to exchange data between MSWindows applications and continues to be used in many older systems.
Serial Protocols
We have over 20 years experience developing and debugging serial communications with a wide range of control & I/O equipment. Where possible, we prefer to use standard protocols such as Modbus but, where required, non standard protocols can be supported.
Data Sharing
Where other options don't exist, file sharing is the most basic method of exchanging data between applications, but great care is needed to avoid conflicts and timing errors.


Centre Desk System
Jim Crombie, director of Generation at the Manx Electricity Authority explains, “Over the years, a number of different vendors have been used to provide industrial software solutions for turnkey projects. As we grew, it became increasingly clear that all the information being collected from these individual sites needed integrating onto single screens.”
Cockenzie Power Station
Hexatec have worked with Cockenzie Power Station since 1989 to create an integrated network of SCADA systems.