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Our developers are specialists in Real-Time Data Communication and Data Handling applications
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Our developers are specialists in Real-Time Data Communication and Data Handling applications.

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Recent Development Projects

  • Automated Data Collection - collecting and collating data from multiple remote sites can be difficult and expensive. A recent project for a renewable energy company used mobile phone technology to automate collection and validate up-to-date data from over 50 remote sites, before writing it to a centralised secure database.
  • Energy Demand Predictors - many energy trading applications require up to date predictions of near future energy demands. We have developed Demand Predictors for both Electricity and Gas Trading applications to provide users with more accurate estimates for future energy demands, enabling energy to purchased and sold on favourable terms.
  • Inter-Business Communications – many applications, such as Energy Trading, require to exchange accurate real time information. Electricity Distribution companies and pipeline operators require ‘Physical Nominations’ to reserve network capacity. Electricity Traders require generation reserve capacity information for lucrative Balancing Market transactions. There are many other applications where commercial advantage can be gained from exchanging accurate information in real-time.
  • Communication Drivers – collecting real-time data from: controllers, meters and measuring systems require communication software. Often, especially with older pre-installed equipment, the communication protocols used are proprietary or non-standard. Hexatec have many years experience developing communications drivers for a wide range of control and measurement equipment.

Hexatec Software Development team

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