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Hexatec have extensive experience in industrial control software and systems design.
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Industrial Control systems have been with us for many years and most sites have developed to include multiple sometimes interconnected control systems. Often these systems are from different vendors and may include older technology. Hexatec have the expertise to unravel the complexities of these legacy control systems and help companies to improve controls without necessarily replacing established equipment.

Industrial Control systems have been with us for m

Troubleshooting: Unexplained faults and sequence failures can be a real nightmare for operations teams. Hexatec’s engineering team have a proven track record at tracing the sources of difficult system faults and specifying repair work.

Feasibility Studies: Is it possible to upgrade or expand an existing control system and avoid the cost of replacement. A study of available communication options can often provide a cost effective solution.

System Networking Design: Modern industrial networking offer users’ huge advantages but integrating with older systems can be a problem. OPC and other Open Standards, together with communication gateways can be combined to create a future-proof solution.

Software Development: When off-the-shelf solutions are not available our software developers offer bespoke software solutions. Whether it is a communications driver or a complete bespoke package, Hexatec have a solution.

Control Room Design: New control centres takes much more than new screens and new furniture. It is where people and control technology come together, health and comfort of operators and effective system communications ensure plant safety.

 Control Screens (HMI): Computers screen displays are the most common method of controlling plant operations – but do all the displays tell the same story, what do the symbols and colours mean? ‘Does the red box mean it is running or stopped, perhaps it’s an urgent alarm’? For help with defining standards for your control systems read our HMI Design Guidelines or contact us for help in defining standards for your business.

Data Communications: Hexatec have many years of experience developing and supporting data communication systems. Open standards such as OPC and Modbus provide a cost effective solution but it is never quite as simple as that; for more information about the different forms of Modbus see our white paper Modbus Communications.

Recent projects include

  • A detailed analysis of intermittent control sequence failures at a power plant. A brief study, identified a series of small easily rectified faults. This solved the problem and avoided the expense of replacing the existing control system.
  • The design of a site-wide industrial IT network to integrate a new-build 90MW CCGT plant and related turn-key control packages (DCS) with existing control and information systems.
  • Design and implementation of a new integrated computerised control centre for the Manx Electricity Authority. The work included full analysis of operator requirements, ergonomic workstation design, integrated video wall display, common standards for control screens, a viewing gallery and facilities for crisis management. In addition to the operational requirements, the design required a new IT infrastructure to accommodate over 30 computer systems and servers away from the main operations areas.
  • The design of an integrated energy trading system. This allowed traders and plant operators, at separate sites, to share common real-time information on plant operation and electricity trades. A centralised information database (MS-SQL) collects real-time meter readings and commercial data from a variety of sources to provide an integrated history of trading performance for billing reconciliation and cost analysis.

White Papers

Modbus Communications

HMI Display Design Guidelines

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