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Control Room Design

Innovation in Control Room Design

Bringing people and technology together to take control.
Control Room Design
Matching the needs of people and technology to create the optimal environment for effective control.

Control Room Design

Modern computerised Control Rooms provide the interface between:

  • Control Systems
  • IT Networks
  • People

The Hexatec Design Team understands all these elements to get the balance correct in order to:

  •  Improve operator efficiency and reduce errors
  •  Provide space and resource for improved crisis management
  •  Provide an impressive focus for visitors

For an example, see Energy Control Centre Case Study

Control Systems
It is important to understand the workings and limitations of the existing Control Systems to ensure different systems have a common 'look & feel'. Experience designing Control Systems enables us to assist integrators to create complimentary Control Interfaces.

IT Technology

Control Systems and Office Networks often share technologies that are brought together in modern Control Rooms.  Our experience integrating Process Control Systems and commercial IT Systems enables us to integrate these systems and understand the needs of both Process Control engineers and IT engineers and bring the two disciplines together.


Control Rooms must be designed for the people that work in them.  Many years working closely with operations staff enables us to understand their problems and needs.  Correctly designed facilities keep staff happy, reduce mistakes and ultimately reduce costs.  A well-presented control facility can also be used to promote the company to visitors and customers.

Crisis Management

Things go wrong even in the best run systems and a Control Room must be designed to accommodate the additional people who gather at these times and ensure easy access to the extra resources they will need without further disrupting normal operations.

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